So, uh, what do you want?

We are frequently asked what we would like for a particular holiday. And, just as frequently, we haven't give it any thought at all.

So we're trying a new system -- whenever something comes to mind that we would like, we'll add it to this list.

A few caveats:
  • We will never DISLIKE a gift just because it is not on this list.
  • Please feel free to be creative. This is intended to give you ideas, not necessarily be a shopping list!
  • Do not feel pressured to splurge. This is also a list for US to refer to, anything out of reasonable price range we'll just buy on our own eventually.
  • Related to above -- don't buy it from the recommended store if you find it for a better price elsewhere. I didn't necessarily do exhaustive comparison shopping. (or should that be comparison wishing?)
  • This is not updated every minute, although we will remove an item in a timely manner if we have purchased/received it.
Reuven's current clothing size is 3T. Lillian wears a 5 or 6 -- her height is about 6, her waist is about 5.

Wish List
Family Member Item Where you can buy it
All Hammock (pretty long -- call for details)
All Kids College Funds (529 Plan) Send a check and specify it's for school
Brett Ferraro Rocher
Brett Jumper Cables
Erica Simple Shoes (D-Kay, Jute, 9.5) Simple
Erica Old Books Alibris
Erica Anything with marzipan
Erica utiliTEA kettle or triniTEA Adagio Teas
Lillian Indoor Gardening Set KangarooBoo
Lillian Those stained "glass" craft projects Michaels? Joanns?
Lillian Leapster Game: Learn to Draw and Write Leapfrog Online
Lillian Leapster Game: Kindergarten Skills Leapfrog Online
Lillian Anything art/craft related (she wants to be an art teacher)
Lillian Playmobil Sets (farm, school, African wildlife, magic castle, well -- really anything) Playmobil Online
Lillian Lots of stickers
Reuven Simple Wooden Building Blocks Pretty much any toy store
Reuven Duplos Pretty much any toy store