Altschul Recipe Database: Gma Perrin's Dark Fruitcake

Recipe: Gma Perrin's Dark Fruitcake
This is a Dessert Dish.
Full Recipe: Grandma Nancy Perrin's House
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Shopping List:
1 lb mixed candied fruit
1 lb raisins
sherry, dark fruit juice, port, etc.
l lb. mixed candied fruit
l lb. raisins
1/4 cup sherry, dark fruit juice, whatever (I like to use port wine)
1/4 cup molasses
l cup butter
1/2 cups dark brown sugar
4 eggs
2 cups flour
1/4 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. each mace and cloves
1 tsp. cinnamon

Mix fruit, mollasses and wine. Let stand overnight.

Cream butter sugar & eggs. Add fruits & dry ingredients. Mix.

Fills 3 small loaf pans or 2 medium loaf pans or 2 1/2 qt. casserole. Grease and line with foil, then add fruitcake batter.

Bake at 275F for 2-1/2 hours with a dish of water in the oven. Cool and wrap in another layer of foil. Keeps for weeks -- in fact improves with time.