Altschul Recipe Database: Grandpa Frank's Eggnog

Recipe: Grandpa Frank's Eggnog
This is a Beverage Dish.
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Shopping List:
1 pint cream
1 pint milk
6 eggs, separated
1/2 cup sugar (added to yolks)
1/4 cup sugar (beaten into egg whites)
3/4 cup rum
3/4 cup whiskey
nutmeg to garnish

NOTE: The full amount of alcohol makes a VERY boozy nog. Feel free to only use a fraction. Alternatively, artificial flavoring can be used for an alcohol-free version.

Separate eggs over a small dish. If any yolk gets into the egg white, discard it or add it to the yolk mixture. Add sugar to whites and beat until very stiff. (There may be some unwhipped albumen at the bottom of the bowl, which will need to be re-whipped when the layers above are removed.)

Mix yolks, cream, milk, larger portion of sugar, and liquor. Add egg whites one or two scoops at a time; drop them in the yolk mixture and ladle the mixture over them to impregnate them with the flavor.

Chill several hours, long enough for the whites to float back out to the top. (Always store well chilled.) Serve with whites atop yolk mixture and dusted with nutmeg.