Wish List

These items are color-coded by their purchase priority.

Red signifies the highest priority.
Yellow items are medium priority.
Green items are low priority.
And blue items are very low priority.

So, here's the list:
TSR Products
  Dragon Magazines #1-21, 23-46, and 48-51
ALQ1 Golden Voyages
ALQ2 Assasin Mountain
ALQ3 A Dozen and One Adventures
ALQ4 Secrets of the Lamp
B3 Palace of the Silver Princess
B8 Horror on the Hill
N5 Journey to the Rock
B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond
B10 Night's Dark Terror
B11 King's Festival
B12 Queen's Harvest
CM2 Death's Ride
CM4 Earthshaker!
CM5 Mystery of the Snow Pearls
CM7 Tree of Life
DA1 Adventures in Blackmoor
DA4 The Duchy of Ten
DDG Deities & Demigods (with Cthulhu)
FRC1 Ruins of Adventure
I7 Baltron's Beacon
I11 Needle
I12 Egg of the Phoenix
IM1 The Immortal Storm
IM3 The Best of Intentions
N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God
N4 Treasure Hunt
N5 Under Illefarn
OA6 Ronin Challenge
OA7 Test of the Samurai
R1 To the Aid of Falx
R2 Investigation of Hydell
R3 Egg of the Phoenix
R4 Doc's Island
ST1 Up the Garden Path
U2 Danger at Dunwater
WG7 Castle Greyhawk
WG8 Fate of Istus
WGA1 Falcon's Revenge
WGA2 Falconmaster
WGA3 Flames of the Falcon
WGA4 Vecna Lives!
X11 Saga of the Shadow Lord
XSOLO Lathan's Gold
Mayfair Games (Role Aids)
701 Beastmaker Mountain
  Blasted Lands
716 Deadly Power
709 Dragons of Weng T'sen
713 Evil Ruins
730 Fantastic Treasures II
703 Fez I: Wizard's Vale
710 Fez II: The Contract
725 Fez IV: Wizard's Revenge
745 Fez VI: Wizard's Dilemma
714 The Keep
  Kobold Hall
748 Lizardmen
724 Monsters of Myth and Legend
746 Monsters of Myth and Legend II
702 Nanorien Stones
735 Pinnacle
750 A Portal to Adventure
705 Question of Gravity
717 Shadows of Evil
715 Swordthrust
706 Tower of Magicks
703 Valley of the Trees
747 Witches
I would also be interested in pretty much any of the many D&D modules produced by Judges Guild.

And, although it's not really a Dungeons & Dragons product, I'd like to have a copy of Peterson's Field Guide to the Creatures of the Cthulhu Mythos. (I do not mean the guide to creatures of the Dreamlands, I already have that one.)

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